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Camp Aldersgate
Little Rock, AR

6 Week Session

Inclusive Program

Counselor to Camper Ratio

Counselor & Volunteer to Camper Ratio

Two Programs:
Action Camp
K - 5th grades completed
Adventure Camp 6th-8th grades completed
A-Camp is the only 6-week therapeutic day camp in Arkansas that welcomes all children with autism spectrum disorders. It's held on the beautiful grounds at Camp Aldersgate where children can enjoy a traditional camp experience by canoeing, fishing, hiking, nature trails, swimming, singing, and arts and crafts activities.

A-Camp operates for 6 weeks to provide the continuity and engagement that help children with autism thrive during the summer months.

A-Camp serves elementary-aged children who have completed K-5th grade and middle school-aged children who have completed 6th - 8th grade. Each pack of campers includes up to 7 children with autism and at least 3 typically-developing "integrated play buddies." A 1:3 Counselor to child ratio is maintained in each pack and enhanced by a minimum of 2 volunteers per pack.

A-Camp campers participate in a stimulating, developmentally-appropriate, and fun program that includes exploration, creation, adventure, music, the arts, movement and fitness, and water play. Each camper's growth is celebrated daily and fun abounds each week with new relational, recreational, and sensory experiences.

A-Camp, we excel in empowering campers to have fun and make lasting memories and friendships. Our buddy program allows our children with autism to have a chance to grow by developing their social interaction, communication, and play skills while buddies benefit by building their self-esteem as a role model and learning to accept, include, and help children with different abilities.

A-Camp is really all about love, hope and acceptance!

Annual Report
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Our Vision
To break down barriers, transform perceptions and change tomorrow for kids with autism, their families and friends, and the communities in which they thrive.

Our Mission
A-Camp is an awesome therapeutically driven camp that:
Provides empowerment, memorable experiences, and meaningful relationships for kids with autism, their families and friends;
Offers a fun environment in which kids with autism develop life-long skills and capabilities that lead to confidence and independence;
Increases awareness and encourages respect and appreciation for the autism community by educating family, staff, and volunteers